année 2008
Allemagne (Mars 2008)
Moteur "avaleur de flamme" ou "Vacuum"

ce moteur est de fabrication Allemande

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le moteur en vidéo

ici une vidéo montrant que le parfait réglage du moteur
permet de le démarrer d'un très léger lancer


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Technical data
Height: 6.10 inch
Width: 5.12 inch
Length: 9.84 inch
Weight: 2.65 lbs
Piston: diameter 0.87 inch, made from aluminium
Hub piston: 1.18 inch
Engine block made from aluminium
Slide feed casing: made from stainless steel and aluminium
Slide feed: made from 0.04 inch aluminium
Rotation speed: 450 rpm
Flywheel: made from aluminium; lacquered in red (RAL 3000) and riveted
Flywheel: axle diameter: 0.16 inch
Bearing: 2 ball bearings; bearing block made from aluminium
Stator: made from aluminium
Burner: made from aluminium; volume: 8 ml; burning time 20 min
1 rocker of 0.10 inch steel, laser cut; with ball bearing; lacquered in red
(RAL 3000)
Wooden base plate inlayed black with aluminium or
stainless steel frame, wide 0.39 inch
Dimensions can deviate slightly
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